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Android app development – Introduction

Every month on Google Play Store, around 30 thousand new android applications are added.  So when we go with this figure then on this platform, the number of applications developed on it till date is around 1 million.  In this ever changing and competitive business world, having a mobile application is a necessity for every business. Smartphone’s aren’t luxury anymore as they become a need plus the entire world is on it which makes it an ideal platform for conducting business.  Mobile applications have a mass reach making trading easy, simple and profitable.  It is medium via which a business advertises and popularizes their product to the potential customers.  So, when it comes to the most popularize platform for mobile app development, then android is the first name come in mind. For that, you need Agnito Technologies as our company is master in creating impressive yet simple android applications perfect for your business.

Agnito Technologies – what so big deal about us?

Self sustained and intense app developers are hard to find but here in our company, we got plenty. We only recruit only the best one who poses all the abilities of a good developer and passionate about web development.  Till date, our team developed android applications on various platforms including IOS and Windows.  While making an application, we consider the mass reach factor while creating an application plus we make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. Worthwhile and quality consistent applications have been provided by us and you will not find any error in our work.

Android app development – Agnito Technologies expertise

Take a look at the following applications for better idea and knowledge. So, let’s start this array:

  • Restaurant, travel and food applications
  • Social media  and social networking applications
  • Fashion and Retail applications
  • Multimedia and music applications
  • Shopping and E-Commerce applications
  • Book applications
  • Education applications
  • Home automation and Real Estate applications
  • Lifestyle, fitness and health applications

Advantages of hiring Agnito Technologies expertise for android application development

At first, one will get choice to select a developer suitable for your business and the one who would fulfill your needs.  We even provide flexible hiring model as you can hire us for part-time, full-time or on hourly basis. Besides this, there is 100% transparency, 24/7 connectivity via phone or social networking sites plus there is no hidden cost.

Hope so, you have got enough reasons to hire Agnito Technologies experts for android app development. So, without further ado, give us a call and a chance to serve you.

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