backbone JS

Introduction to backbone JS

There are number of JavaScript frameworks to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing an ideal and appropriate framework for developing one page application then developers go for backbone JS. The framework is powerful along with being lightweight letting developers to create applications based on Single page Web. There is no doubt that web applications are in demand in this high tech era and thus everyone needs it for expanding and running their business. It is true that the development of web apps have been a complicated task but with the introduction of such frameworks especially backbone JS, complications are now easy to handle. The framework has created with innovative techniques and its aim is directed towards making complicate task easy.

By using backbone JS, different tasks can be divided into different modules and use further in the process to develop interactive & rich client apps.

Backbone JS – meaning

It is defined as a JavaScript library (Along with RESTful JSON interface) plus model view presenter design which is an abbreviation of MVP is the basis of this framework. It uses sync. Backbone to keep everything in it as it is highly depended on JavaScript library along with jquery and Underscore.JS. Due to this reason, the framework is so light weight and easy to use. Jeremy Ashkenas has created backbone JS and who is further famous for underscore.js and CoffeeScript. The whole structure of your website can be controlled by this framework and work according to your requirements.

Backbone JS – reasons to use backbone framework?

There are not one but various reasons of using this amazing framework. So, let’s take a look at those reasons:
• An applications structure has been managed by it.
• Restful services
• Event binding
• Lightweight
• Easy API integration
• Utility library has been bounded with this framework.

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