A complete introduction to CakePHP

CakePHP has been the most preferred PHP framework of all time and quite famous among game developers. Because of its dynamic capabilities, game developers are a big fan of it as developing a game is like an uphill race however, CakePHP make this race easy. If you need a company that can develop web applications using cakePHP then we are the ideal choice for your needs. We are agnitotechnologies, well known web development agency has an experience of years and we have various satisfied clients that have appreciated our work. We offer world class and tailored edge cutting web development services. We have clients from all around the world and the figure is kept on increasing day by day.

CakePHP – services offer by us

Before proceeding for the services, let us tell you that our agency believes in dynamic work as each day some new technologies introduced and thus we all have to adapt are for better change. Just like that, our work is also flexible as we make necessary changes according to the business goals of our clients. Besides this, here are the services offers by us:
• We develop applications using cakePHP
• Deployment and website maintenance
• We provide configuration & sever deployment
• We even modify cakePHP for better results and innovate applications
• We develop custom PHP module
• Along with this, various in-built utilities like caching, validation, translations, authentication, database access etc has been delivered by us.

Why cakePHP?

Best thing about it is that no intensive coding has required building innovative web applications. Along with this, it is faster among the entire existing framework plus a non-technical person can also use it. So, it is user friendly and thus require little to no training which its plus point is. Besides this, simple designs have been used in it but its output look cool and presenting without trying hard. Due to this simple pattern, coding part becomes fun, cool and clear.
• CakePHP is flexible and quick as it cool features make things easy and thus make it highly flexible.
• It is highly secure as it is an authorized tool due to various built-in tools like CSRF protection, SQL, input validation and injection prevention.
• As it is based on MVC (Model View controller), queries can be easily saved in the database.
CakePHP is very useful and efficient when one need web applications in less time and looking for cost effective alternatives.

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