CodeIgniter – framework introduction

Do you need a web development company that can create PHP based web applications? Well, your search ends here as agnitotechnologies is proudly offering you services regarding CodeIgniter. The primary motive of our company is to provide you useful and innovative applications compatible with all the versions of PHP like PHP7, PHP5 & PHP4. Weather you need a cooperate website, a designed portal, business websites or professional websites; we are capable of building your desired websites. However, at first know about CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter – meaning

CodeIgniter defined as open source software via which dynamic websites are created with PHP. MVC or Model view controller is the basis of this software and its development pattern is based on it. In it, views and models are optional however controller is necessary in codeIgniter. Along with this, Hierarchical HMVC has used to modify codeIgniter as it enables the developers to maintain grouping of modular plus sub-directory format is used to arrange view and models.

In comparison of other PHP frameworks, CodeIhniter has been famous for its speed along with being light and partially like a framework.

CodeIgniter – array of services offered by our company

Our technical team consists of expert developers that are capable of building any website or applications using CodeIgniter. So, here are the services:
• CodeIgniter website development
• Integration and customization services
• Application migration
• Custom development
• CodeIgniter application development
• E-Commerce development
• Portal development
• Support and maintenance

What’s unique about our services?

Internet is flooded with number of web development companies however very few of them provide services like we do. You will understand this after reading the below points:
• We prove error-free implementation as our developers knows each and every update about the PHP language and about its latest versions. Thus they know how to implement it properly without a single mistake.
• CodeIgniter framework is MVC based and thus proficient in handling MVC architect due to which management work become easy to handle and conduct. Flexibility is another advantage of this framework.
• Speedy development is something which all clients look for as no one wants to wait for anything and codeIgniter is perfect for such people. It has pre-written code which needs to be extracted from library and thus facilitate fast work.

CodeIgniter framework even offers multi-platform support and thus provides better solutions for all the problems. So, choose agnitotechnologies and get a successful business.

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