Node JS

Introduction to Node JS

Many of you familiar with the JavaScript as it is client side programming language used to build web applications. Now, Node JS is used with JavaScript or in other words, it’s an interface used to execute JavaScript. Along with this, the interface has been used in developing big web applications as he coder itself handles the core structure providing ease to developers in creating applications. Agnitotechnologies has a team of expert developers’ professionalized in Node JS and thus make you the type of web application you want.

Our developers are versatile and develop web applications according to the clients’ business goals. Whenever you need custom Node JS solutions, come to us as we provide you services that suits and directed towards your business goals.

Node Js development services list

Weather you have a small business or the large one, our services are meant for all the people who need it. Because of this, we provide all type of Node Js services and they are listed below:
• Node JS API development
• Plug-ins Development
• Marketplace development
• AJAX development
• Portal development
• Web application development
• Backbend Dashboard development
• Node.js ( UX/UI designs)
• Large web applications

Node Js development process

We make sure that everything has conducted in a proper manner and we love to show you the entire process followed by us in the development of Node.js. So, here it is:

Business analyst

At first, we contact with our clients and listen their each and every word patently so that we can implement their ideas properly.

Project management

Second step is project management in which we go for regular meetings and PMS so that we can accomplish your requirements.


Development started with the third step as we initiate project and starts its development after when we are clear about your requirements and needs.

Project testing

Project testing is an essential part as we run the project first for ensuring that it works well and after that proceed for further process.

Project deployment

After that, we perfume the arrangement work and then deliver it to our clients. The project will deliver after proper testing and checking.

Agnitotechnologie promise you to deliver exceptional results regarding Node JS development and bring success to your business. Along with this, our services often include maintenance and active support so that you will not have to bother for technical problems in future. So, take a step forward and give us a chance to serve your needs.

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