Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails- introduction to his new programming language

The above term has been defined as open-source programming language meant for web development. It is a web application framework (server-side) built over the programming language Ruby. When it comes to the most demanding platform for the development of web applications then ROR appears top in the list. It is because the platform is perfect for building interactive, powerful and efficient applications for your business. Various popular websites like Twitter, Shopify, Github etc. are built on ROR as it is consider best for startup as the framework is usable and no licensing charges are required for it.

Ruby on Rails development – benefits & importance

The framework, ROR has connected to the various database of Oracle along with SQL. Due to this, web applications (data driven) are developed. So, if you are looking for a data driven website then ROR is the best framework to be chosen.

Accelerate the development speed

The framework saves a lot of time when developers work on this framework as key factors like modular designs, leaner code and existing plug-ins are time saving and a website can built in half of the time required to build a website.


It takes a very little time to perform code updates and entire development process and thus businessmen has to incur less money on the maintenance and creation of website.

Easy maintenance

With the help of ROR, existing codes can be easily modified plus it becomes easy to add new and latest features to the website. Besides this, the framework is widely consider by developers when they have to work on long term projects as it provides uniformity and capability in the development process. So, even if you replace the existing members, it would not affect the quality of development process.

Agnito Technologies – services regarding ROR (Ruby on Rails)

  • Development services regarding ROR custom applications
  • Application migration to Ruby on Rails
  • Improvement and redesigning of apps or websites
  • Development services regarding web apps
  • Application development regarding ROR e-commerce
  • Ruby on Rails CMS development

Agnito Technologies – an ultimate web development hub

Various resources and time has been evaluated by us so that we can have the things needed for building website demanded by our clients. With our methods and technologies, we built powerful, functional and innovative website for the clients. When it is about making diverse applications, Agnito Technologies is an ultimate destination for web development services.

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