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Work at Agnito Technologies- our working procedure

Delivering best quality end-products are our specialty as we follow a systematic approaches that let us to provide websites made with perfection. We guarantee quality, passion, commitments and dedications towards our work.

Discussing projects

An extensive discussion has been conducted by us whenever we start on a new project. In this discussion section; major techniques, plans and ideas are discussed by the team who has about to work on the project. After that, a dynamically plan has been lined out by us and then came the analytical phase.

Analyzing project

Our developers and respective team recommend us the resources required to start the project. For this purpose, we arrange a research sheet as an overview of your project. It is important to have a close eye on the requirements as without proper resources, an impressive website cannot be built.

Specifications regarding software requirements

When it comes to software system, a detailed & comprehensive version has been chosen to carry out the development process. Out team of experts decide as which software doest the right work and which is not?

System design

Basic comprising methods have been analyzed by the professionals like elements, architecture, interface, modules and specific data meant for a system. This pertinacious procedure is important part of the web development process.

Component design

Taking about the software design then the elementary features of it is shifted through. Due to this, normal functioning can be obstructed easily. Designing a component is tough but our experts do it properly.

Generating code

There are number of code generation methods and thus experts have to decide & understand how antiquated method is different from other new & latest code generation methods. This phase is important to figure out the best method meant for code generation. In other words, best code generation methods have been produced for the final phase.

Integration phase

Here it comes the integration phase including Top down testing, Big bang and bottom up testing. It is beneficial for saving both budget and time.

Unit and testing integration

In this phase, data testing has performed so that integrated modules and actual programs can be checked. The phase is conducted to ensure that the balance between expected outputs & inputs should be correct.

System testing

Testing phase is the important one as in it system has tested to ensure that everything is in control and on track. It is important to conduct this phase because a system consist of different parts and thus it need to be check on daily basis.

User acceptance testing

In this phase, it is test that how comfortably a user can access the preservative and different features of it. In other words, it is checked that weather it is user-friendly or not?


It is the second last phase of the procedure where bugs, faults and software applications are fixed.


The last but most important phase as no matter how well software has created, it will work for long time only when it is maintained well. So, the last phase is maintenance.

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